• Production and Installation of CHIHERC automatic change-over.
  • installation and maintenance of Inverter and Solar systems.
  • Industrial & commercial Electrical installations.
  • working on generating power supply that would be affordable through the solar energy.
  • Machine and General electrical installations.
  • Maintenance of CHIHERC and non CHIHERC automatic change-over. Most of the old technology change-over comes with an inbuilt transformer which is a major problem due to our unstable power supply in this part of the world or being over load. For this reasons your change-over may need some maintenances to make it works smoothly….contact us for a perfect job.
  • Wiring : at CHIHERC, we guarantee you the best of professional job with our teams of expert and vast experiences. Put your wiring job in our hand and be rest assure you will get what you want in industries, homes, hospitals schools, plaza, hotel etc.
  • Installation of industrial machines: for any advise on setting up industry(s), contact us. We have a vast knowledge in this due to our training in CHINA & BRAZIL.

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