Residential Use: Chiherc automatic change- over

  1. Single phase: 20Amp – 30Amp
  2. Single phase: 30Amp – 60Amp
  3. Single phase: 60Amp – 80Amp

Chiherc automatic change-over is an Electrical/Electronic device that is produced with various types of components to transfer power supply and interchange the sources of power supply in your utility. It is a device that changes the power source from generator power supply to NEPA power source as well as Inverter and other sources of power supply available.

Industrial Use

  1. Three phase: 20Amp – 32Amp.
  2. Three phase: 50Amp – 63Amp.
  3. Three phase: 80Amp to any capacity.

Chiherc Automatic Change-over system is made up of mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Digital/Analogue /electronic display, Electronic programmer and many more components to ensure

This device controls the operation of generator, Inverter, NEPA, and also controls operation of multiple generator usage. It is also capable of managing your fuel consumption as well as securing your equipment, auto generator start and auto generator stop as necessity demands.

Chiherc Automatic power transfer system

Chiherc Automatic power transfer system is compiled with genuine components from trusted and reliable foreign companies that have reputable records in electrical/electronic component manufacturing. This component varies as the purpose differs.

The components are ruggedly fortified to suit the hard and toughness of Nigerian electrical traffic.