Can it switch of my GEN when NEPA restored power?

it can automatically switch off any type of GEN once power is restored

can I switch off the GEN from indoor?

yes. With the press of the PIN, it will switch off any type of GEN

can it start a choke GEN?

no. but it does every other thing on this list

what if I don’t want the GEN to stop if NEPA restored power?

just press the red button when you are running the GEN

how do I know what will work perfectly for me?

ask any Electrician or call our customer care for advice.

how does it stop bad voltage from damaging my Electrical appliances?

once the voltage is lower than 110V or higher than 260V, the garget will hold it for some time until it stabilizes before supplying the building

if there is any issue, what should I do?

we are giving you VALUE not SCRAP. But for any issue, call the customer care phone number on the garget for a swift respond from us.

who will install it for me?

any professional Electrician can install it for you or you can also call the customer service to direct an installer to you.

how do I start the GEN from indoor?

just press the PIN and the GEN will start

can it start my GEN?

it can automatically start all non-choke GEN

what if I don’t want the GEN to be powered on when NEPA take light?

just press the red button when you are on NEPA

does it have different specifications?

yes. From 20Amp to any RANGE

can I know the load in my house/apartment?

yes.  you will see on the display screen the load in your house as you power on or power off the Electrical appliances in your home.

can it switches between NEPA/INVERTER/SOLAR/GENERATOR?

one gadget can do the work. Just tell your installer your list of priority

where can I get it to buy?

it is sold nation wide or call the customer care for direction