We are pleased that your Company is interested in becoming our Distributor. We are striving to
become the leader and the best in our area of specialization. At Chiherc, we don’t just sell our products; we work closely with our Partners (Distributors and Customers) to ensure that they are satisfied with our products and services because we are here to offer comfort and happiness.

Terms and Conditions

1. You should not sell our products outside the area assigned to you.
2. You should update the Company on activities of our Competitors & market situation from time to
3. you most not sell any fake product(s) bearing our name or logo from other suppliers
4. you most help in fighting pirating our product(s).
5. That you will help in whatever way (either by displaying, sampling etc) in promoting our product(s)
in your chosen Area.
6. You most not sell above the price agreed with us
5. The minimum amount required is #3,000,000(Three Million Naira Only).
6. You must provide a photocopy of your CAC certificate.
7. You must provide us with a Bank reference from your Banker.
8. You must submit application letter to become a Distributor with this form.
9. You must attach passport photograph of the Company’s Managing Director/Proprietor and the
Company representative.
10. You must provide photocopy of any of Drivers Licence, National Identity Card or International
11. If your application is successful, your performance will determine your status as our Distributor.
12. You must place order within 1month of appointment

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