Dennis and Kingsley started Chiherc Nigeria Limited to solve a major problem facing every Homes, Factories, cooperate buildings, schools hospital etc in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa . You will agree with us that non of those afore mentioned organization that doesn’t run a generator in their respective organizations. And you will also agree with us that you have been faced with the hustle of starting the generator or switching it off when power is restored which has resulted in an uncomfortable environment in the bank or any of the organizations mentioned earlier. Not to mention the kind of embarrassment it brought to you in the presence of those VIPs and the risk of going out at night for generator wahala at home which can cause thieves to attack your home .

The problem of epileptic power supply, not knowing when power is restored so that you can off the generator, how do you prevent bad voltage that can destroy your electrical appliances from entering your home or factories, or can’t you remember that bad feeling you have when watching that football match or that interesting movie and boom, power cut?

This and many more push us into looking for a final solution and making it available for all homes, factories, hospitals, cooperate houses etc to enjoy the comfort of uninterrupted power supply between their generator, inverter, or solar system. And don’t forget, for a rest of mind let Chiherc Nigeria Limited handle your building/factories wiring and street light.

Hey, now listen………………we have gotten the solution to those problems which is ‘Chiherc automatic changeover’ which will solve all the problems listed above.

It took 8yrs+ to get to where we are today just to ensure we bring out a world class product that meet international standard. We were patient in spit of all the challenges of getting the right components, registration, where to do a vigorous testing finance and other technical issues. Until we got ABB components from Japan and others from Schneider in Germany, it was tougher than we ever thought. But in all we thank God there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Now that we have gotten here, it’s time to create job for Nigerians by setting up the factory here in Nigeria. And also make it affordable to all house hold and industries to make life more meaningful for Nigerians in particular and Africans in general.

The mission and goal of this company is to solve

  • To make chiherc Nigeria limited a producer of genuine electrical appliances.
  • To make chiherc Nigeria limited a producer of genuine electrical appliances.
  • To create a trusted brand across Africa.
  • To start producing electric bulbs that can last.
  • To help Nigerians youth with technical training in production.
  • To get the fair share of the market by making all imported electrical appliances at home.
  • On generating power supply that would be affordable through the solar energy.