CHIHERC (NIG) LTD is a leader in electrical utility technology. Founded in 2018 and registered as a limited company under the Nigeria cooperate affair commission (CAC). The company has been committed to providing integrated end-to-end innovations to deliver excellence and value to consumers, businesses and public sectors in over 5 countries around sub-Sahara Africa to enable increased comfortability, productivity and happiness”. We are also working on generating power supply that would be affordable to all through the solar energy.

We adhere to the philosophy of providing our customers with high quality product
Our products are supported by factory warranties
We have knowledgeable and superior customer service
Our goal is to help meet your cost and lead time requirement and make you a long-term customer
We always place value before success
Your safety is paramount to us. Our products don’t endanger your life and property

There are products RANGE & SPECIFICATIONS. Please always consult your Electrician or our customer care on +2349078950222, +2349079969313 if you are not sure what will work perfectly for you.


No inbuild transformer, unlike the imported. Therefore, fire incidents are completely eradicated.
This can start and off all non-choke generators when there is power cut or when power is restored. But the others can only switch off the generator when power is restored.
It reminds you to switch off electrical appliances not in use by displaying to you the load in your house, but others don’t.
It is built to the standard of Nigeria power of 220V or 415Watt and not 110V of the imported.
Unlike most imported once from China, it is built with superior quality materials that can last you for years and not fake material of which a 30Amp cannot carry 2 HP A/C.
We are 24hrs available with our superior customer service to address any issue
Our philosophy is that: before success, is VALUE. We don’t sell crap but value.


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Phone: +2349078950222, +2349079969313
Address: 2-3 peace movement avenue( after Agbara industrial estate) check point bus stop along Lagos/Badagry express way Lagos.